LIGA’s Voluntary Extension on 1st Party Property Damage Claims


The citizens of Louisiana are experiencing disruptions in the property insurance market caused
by Hurricanes Laura, Delta, Zeta and Ida and the resulting insolvencies of State National Fire
Insurance Company, Access Home Insurance Company, Americas Insurance Company,
Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation, Lighthouse Excalibur Insurance Company, Southern
Fidelity Insurance Company, and Weston Property & Casualty Insurance Company.

In an effort to avoid additional delays, hardships, costs, and expenses associated with
unnecessary litigation to preserve their claim rights, the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty
Association (LIGA) will voluntarily extend the contractual deadline in which to institute
litigation for first-party property damage claims against these insolvent insurers through
December 31, 2022, while LIGA continues to try to resolve ongoing claims whose resolution
was slowed by these insolvencies, contractor availability, supply chain disruptions, and similar
delays. This voluntary extension applies only to existing open claims that are being actively
adjusted with LIGA.

This voluntary extension does not affect the claims filing deadline established by the various
Orders of Insolvency for these insolvent insurers for the filing of new claims pursuant to La. R.S.